Hawai'i Climbing Coalition

E komo mai! Welcome to the Hawai'i Climbing Coalition (HCC) website.

To report unsafe or damaged trail conditions, hardware, or signs please IMMEDIATELY call 808-387-7825 or email safety@hiclimb.org.

HCC is an organization dedicated to protecting Hawai'i's climbing areas and educating the public about rock climbing safety and environmental impacts. Through the issuance of Revocable Permit No. SP0530 by Hawai'i's Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), HCC has permission to engage in rock climbing activities at the Mokulēia Wall on the fabled North Shore of Oahu.

To climb at the Mokulēia Wall, please join HCC so that you will be included on the permit. Membership is free and promotes continued access to Hawai'i's climbing areas!

About HCC

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Mokulēia Wall

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Revocable Permit

Review the current responsibilities of HCC at Mokulēia.

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